Relocating from one country to another for whatever the purpose; needs a visa to enter and leave the country. It is granted by a country to the foreigner to live in their country permanently or for a limited period of time. There are many formalities to be fulfilled before getting a visa and they depend upon the specific case type. Visa consultants are the officials who are responsible to help out the candidates to get visa easily by fulfilling all the legal requirements. They help you to move internationally by getting visa in minimum possible time without any hurdle. Global VISA Consultants are the renowned Visa Consultants in Lahore who are serving the clients from a sufficient time. We are making the processes hassle-free to ease our clients. Our main role is to sort out the legal issues that may be problematic for getting a visa. Our consultants are well experienced to complete the visa processing file timely.

Visa Consultants in Lahore

Visa for other countries is acquired for various purposes. It certainly depends upon the type of stay and purpose. For whatever the reason you want to relocate to a foreign country, do not ever trust doubted sources. They can lead you with illegal ways to get your work done quickly and you can face a tough time in your future due to this. GVC is the name whom people trusts for about 15 years. We are working on amazing rates with all legal formalities. Our visa rates are very cost-effective, thus competing in the market successfully. Our standard services are the source of satisfaction and success for us.

Visa Consultants in Lahore

It is the world of competition and many of the students are interested to get higher studies from international universities. For this purpose, they require a study visa. Our study abroad consultants at GVC are focused to provide information about the top countries to live and study for a specific period of time. You can make a fine decision by having a detailed session with our agents.  We serve the role of a middle man between the international universities and students. There can be a lot of complications in completing the process starting from institute selection, admission process, and visa. Our experts are fully equipped to deal with all the consequences practically and make it possible to get your study visa smoothly. We have facilitated a number of students to study in various countries like Australia, China, Malaysia, Ireland, U.K, Germany, New Zealand, and others.

Immigration VISA

Do you want to settle abroad with your partner or want to have your own business setup to live permanently in that country but worried about the whole process? Visit GVC at your first priority to sort out your worries. We are a reliable firm to facilitate you for getting an immigration visa. Immigration visa is required for many purposes; it may be for the parents and kids to settle them with you. It may be for a spouse. It can also be a marriage visa or for business. We provide professional Visa Consultants in Lahore. Our role here is to ease our clients to go through the visa file completion steps quickly and smoothly. Our consultants and lawyers explain all the documentation required for a particular country. We help our clients to get green cards and immigration visa legally by verifying all the required paperwork and documents by our professionals. We keep ourselves updated about the changing legislation to enhance our skills and competency. Guidance about the interested foreign country and their living conditions helps the client to get satisfaction with his decision. We offer high levels of customer service, this is the reason many of our clients come with reference to the previous clients.

Visitor VISA

Exploring the beauty of the world by visiting several countries is not only the rejoicing but also allows you to know about different cultures. Staying for some limited time in a country for visit purpose requires the grant of visit visa.  Global Visa Consultants is a well-reputed Visa Consultants in Lahore who is helping many individuals to visit different countries alone or with their families and enjoy their happy moments. Our experts explain to you about the visitor visa requirements and time of the procedure for your interested countries. We have made all the processes easier with our experience of completing and handling visa applications before submitting to officials. We are dealing with any countries around the globe as Canada, UAE, U.K, U.S, Switzerland, Germany and others.

Work permit

Getting a work permit allows you to move abroad and get a good job based upon your qualification and experience. It certainly depends upon the country, organization and job requirements. We deal with our professional expertise to facilitate you for getting a work permit from a required country. We have our agents in many countries to communicate with the officials as and when required. We are dealing with U.K, Estonia, Germany, Poland, and other countries and served a lot of candidates legally.

Why us??

GVC is a well-known immigration and visa consultancy forum; facilitating a lot of clients regarding their needs for moving abroad.  With the sound knowledge of all official documentation and application submitting procedure; our legal consultants and lawyers help you to get your things done with no tension. We are the best Visa Consultants in Lahore. Our lawyers brief you about the legal ways and suggestions that how you can get your work done quickly without facing any kind of objection. If there is any objection, we provide you the best solutions to compete for your case. We do not let you alone until you get your visa. Our quality services have generated a lot of satisfied clients whether they are in Pakistan or settled abroad.